I would like to appreciate the work that FHRP is doing to mobilize the marginalized community in Pakistan .. - Javaid Iqbal
I am happy to see your new website with awesome User Interface.. ! - Majid Khan
Congratulations on your new website!!! - Imtiaz
FHRP’s “Seminar on need for effective Parliament” was a a very informative event for me and such events should be continued. - Asif


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About Us

SAFHR (South Asia Forum for Human Rights) was set up in 1990 as a regional public forum aiming promotion of respect for universal values of human rights and their interdependence and indivisibility. It
has is the policy of SAFHR to assist its partners and associates in promoting their objectives. Pursuing the
same, SAFHR established its regional office for Pakistan in Karachi, in 2005 under the name of ‘South Asia Forum for Human Rights Pakistan (SAFHRP), to accomplish their objectives. However, it was
decided at the time of establishment that after SAFHR-P has found its feet, gained enough experience
and has established its presence, it will transit into an independent organization but resume working with SAFHR Nepal, as their partner. Under the same agreement, SAFHR-P emerged as Forum for Human Rights Pakistan (FHRP), on 7th of June 2012, after it was officially declared as an independent non-profit organization by Mr. Tapan Bose, General Secretary of SAFHR-Nepal, in his official letter.
The vision and mission of FHRP is still the same i.e. to promote respect for the universal norms of human rights, monitoring the performance of the state in the area of human rights and engaging in advocacy for democratic reforms, peace and justice. In fact, FHRP has become further responsible in addressing the cause