I would like to appreciate the work that FHRP is doing to mobilize the marginalized community in Pakistan .. - Javaid Iqbal
I am happy to see your new website with awesome User Interface.. ! - Majid Khan
Congratulations on your new website!!! - Imtiaz
FHRP’s “Seminar on need for effective Parliament” was a a very informative event for me and such events should be continued. - Asif


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Forum for Human Rights Pakistan formally known as SAFHR Pakistan has been working in the area of human rights in different settings of the region. However, FHRP’s areas of concern particularly include women, minorities, youth and education. FHRP has been involved in the voter education for women to support the mainstreaming of women’s issues in the political process where policy makers, lawyers, media, educationalists and social activists have been part of our discussions regarding women rights. Moreover, FHRP has an extensive experience of mobilizing, organizing and motivating the community to take part in the development and awareness activities and programs with par focus on Governance, Education and Religious Minorities.

FHRP has always been initiating and supporting awareness campaigns on key issues such as Human Rights, provision of quality education to the marginalized and women issues. FHRP through its peace walks, seminars, dialogues, discussions, empowerment and awareness trainings, campaigns and walks is involved in the process of including youth to take initiatives at personal and community levels for solving and addressing their societal or communal issues at the right platform.FHRP has adopted the right of education as thematic area of focus in 2009 when it initiated a study that was an analysis of the education policies of Pakistan from 1947 to 2010. FHRP believes that all the basic human rights issues evolve because of the fragile education system of the country. Afterward, FHRP developed a pool of trainers with a hands-on experience in training the teachers in order to ensure whole school development through interactive teaching methods. Simultaneously, FHRP enhanced networking with the government and education departments to ensure equal opportunities in education for all the children of Pakistan.

FHRP has also worked as a partner on pilot project of UNICEF to provide education to flood affected communities in Nawabshah, Badin and Tharparker where FHRP started with an establishment of Temporary Learning Centers and worked towards enrolling the children of age 3 to 5 in government schools after the damaged schools are reconstructed. FHRP has learnt that Early Childhood Education is an urgent need of education system of Pakistan in order to strengthen the overall educational environment of the country that directly benefits the marginalized communities.