I would like to appreciate the work that FHRP is doing to mobilize the marginalized community in Pakistan .. - Javaid Iqbal
I am happy to see your new website with awesome User Interface.. ! - Majid Khan
Congratulations on your new website!!! - Imtiaz
FHRP’s “Seminar on need for effective Parliament” was a a very informative event for me and such events should be continued. - Asif


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Thematic Areas

According to the statistical findings of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics the literacy rate of Pakistan during 2010-2011 was 46.02% for both females and males (Pbs, 2012) that points to the dearth and dire need of literacy in Pakistan. Education is a vast arena and FHRP’s professionals understand it thus we have decided to grab the issue from its very root and gradually broaden our horizon. Our approach towards accomplishing our mission is more about improving the current educational mechanism. Our educational mission is about revolutionizing the conventional educational approach by reviewing and implementing the current educational policies in governments’ educational settings and involving the relevant stakeholders to execute our far-reaching mission in establishing an infrastructure that ensures quality education to be a fair and equitable right of everyone.

Pbs. (2012). Percentage distribution of population by age, sex, literacy and level of education 2010-2011.

Retrieved from


Citizens’ Empowerment

Involving citizens in decision making is a distinguishing feature of democracy that induces sense of responsibility in the governing bodies and makes them accountable and responsible in attending their tasks and becoming prudent towards provision of citizens’ needs. In making citizens aware of their rights and responsibilities, FHRP has dedicated its focus on this particular area where its aim is to strengthen citizens’ voice against not just the violation of their rights but about their responsibilities as well so as to produce aware, responsible and honest citizens. In achieving so, FHRP would stand by citizens as their facilitator in getting their rights rendered through awareness raising & advocacy campaigns, capacity building trainings, peace walks, programs, workshops, awareness trainings, consultations, discussions, and seminars where we, along with the stakeholders would play the required part as change provoking and promoting agents. Through the said instruments, FHRP wishes to educate general public, government officials, elected representatives, communities and civil society about our civic and political rights and to invite and engage them in promoting the same cause. Moreover, FHRP would promote transparency and good governance to monitor activities of accountable bodies of the society.


Human Rights

FHRP’s interest in provision of human rights is based on the idea of converting our society into a just and peaceful living environment where rights of individuals are rendered, where there exists no discrimination on basis of class, race, religion, sex, sect, colour or creed at any levels and that people from all communities enjoy freedom of expression, thought and living; similarly important, all stand equal in the eye of the law.

Growing from the same concept FHRP was to provide a platform to the marginalized population of our society, particularly religious minorities, women and children and avows to stands by them in supporting to raise voice against any form of violation of their rights by conducting advocacy dialogues, discussions, consultations, workshops, trainings and awareness raising.