I would like to appreciate the work that FHRP is doing to mobilize the marginalized community in Pakistan .. - Javaid Iqbal
I am happy to see your new website with awesome User Interface.. ! - Majid Khan
Congratulations on your new website!!! - Imtiaz
FHRP’s “Seminar on need for effective Parliament” was a a very informative event for me and such events should be continued. - Asif


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From Waste to Drinking Water: Eliminating Mixing of Sewerage and Drinking Water Pipelines in Gazdarabad, Karachi

The area of Gazdarabad is heavily populated. Poor infrastructure of roads and unplanned housing construction has made life extremely difficult for local residents. One of the issues the community has been facing for many years is that of unhygienic and contaminated drinking water. The cause of this is the sewerage system which is inadequate and deficient to cater to the needs of an overwhelming...