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Youth Video Competition on the Promotion of Pakistan Handicrafts

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(Disclaimer: FHRP is responsible for the choice and presentation of the facts and opinions in this project which are not necessarily those of UNESCO and do not commit the organization.)

Jewels of Cultural Treasure: as my eyes see it

Forum for Human Rights Pakistan (FHRP) has commenced a project, “Jewels of the Cultural Treasures: as my eyes see it”, with the support of the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (IFPC) and LokArt. This project focuses on the precious and unique handicrafts found in the rural areas of Pakistan. The project is based on a youth video competition, which will encourage the youth to highlight the incomparable skills of hardworking artisans globally.

Handicrafts are the most striking expressions of the individualities of Pakistan regional’s identities. Eighty different kinds of handicrafts are produced in Pakistan. However, the culture of producing handicraft in Pakistan is gradually diminishing and therefore there is a need of development and promotion in this sector. The rich culture of producing unique handmade products in Pakistan is facing problems due to lack of government interest and increased competition between the countries around like India and China.

More than two thirds of Pakistani lives in rural areas that are mostly dependent on agriculture or handicrafts. At times of natural disaster like flooding or drought that affect the agriculture of the area, communities mainly depend on handmade products for their livelihood. However, according to the recent reports, Pakistani handicrafts have enormous export potential and a growing demand in the foreign countries and this market need to be further supported.

Though handicraft export industry faced stiff competition from countries like China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia and Philippines, the export of the Pakistani handicrafts was still a promising field because of its uniqueness in terms of traditional and historical popularity.
The countries like USA, Germany, Britain, Italy, France, Japan, Australia and Saudi Arabia were the major importers. Developed countries had a special affinity towards Pakistani carpets, hand printed textiles, hand embroidered, tie and dye textiles, artistic metal products, bronze icons, utility oriented brass items. However, the local handicrafts industry needs to be supported in order to increase the quality of products compared to other countries.

Due to droughts or other disasters, the rural population end up relying on handicrafts as a source of income. Hence, FHRP realizes the need to promote the cultural products in order to ensure the sustainability of livelihood and to keep these treasures alive. FHRP, with the support of the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture, is initiating a video competition under the project “Jewels of the Cultural Treasure: as my eyes see it”. The video competition is open to all the youth from Pakistan aged between 18-30 years. The participants will be asked to submit videos promoting the various handicrafts found in the rural areas f Pakistan.

Participants will submit an online registration form through our website filling their preliminary information as well as the types of cultural products and the area they plan to cover in their video. Therefore, in order to participate in the video competition, it is compulsory for the participants to fill the registration form according to the details required.

The competition is open for participants of 18-30 years of age throughout Pakistan. FHRP reserves the right to verify the age of the participant submitting the registration form. No employee of FHRP can participate in the contest. This competition is open to the citizens of Pakistan only.

Participants can send us their videos on CD/DVD along with their CNIC copy and Entry form through courier. Alternatively, videos can be submitted to us along with scanned copy of CNIC and Entry form.

  • Participants must be 18-30 years of age.
  • The videos must be highlighting cultural handicraft industry in the vicinity and not the work of a particular artisan or craftsman.
  • The video must focus on the cultural products made in the rural areas of Pakistan.
  • Duration of the video must not exceed 25 minutes; however shorter videos will be preferred.
  • Videos must be received by FHRP before the close of Deadline 2nd July, 2014.
  • Videos can be submitted via courier to FHRP’s office.
  • Videos will be accepted in the mentioned formats: AVI, .MOV, .MP4, DivX, .FLV
  • Video must be the original work of the contestant. Any video subsequently, found in the violation of the copy write will be disqualified from the contest.

All the videos received for the competition will be initially screened by FHRP team. FHRP team will verify that the contestant and the video must meet the eligibility criteria. All the entries that meet the eligibility criteria will be submitted to the judging panel for selection.

A judging panel of three personnel including Executive Director of FHRP and two other entrepreneurs having knowledge and experience of cultural products will be composed to select the videos. The judging panel will select Top Ten videos that will be placed for voting by General Public on FHRP’s website and its Facebook page.

The Judging panel will select the videos on the following criteria:

  • Content: Clearness, conciseness and effectiveness with which the handmade cultural products industry has been depicted in the video
  • Technical Expertise: Quality of Camera and audio work, effectiveness of the editing and strength of the script
  • Innovation, originality and Impact: Delivering the message in a fresh and unusual way, appealing to a broad and diverse audience, and encouraging further thoughts and actions.

There will be two phases in the selection process.

The FHRP panel will select top ten videos from among the video received. Announcement of the top ten videos will be made through the social media and official website. The will also be contacted and informed via call and email. All top ten finalists will write a 2 page article about how the cultural products/industry they captured can further be promoted and the role/opportunities for Youth in it. [They may submit their pictures while documenting the video]. These articles would periodically be published in newspapers/magazines to keep the campaign alive, till the seminar is held. All videos would be uploaded on ‘’ since YouTube has officially been banned in Pakistan. However, top ten finalists’ videos would also be uploaded on FHRP’s official website and official FaceBook page for voting. [Voting duration: 1 month - metacafe's voting will also be considered for top ten finalized videos].

A seminar for will be held in which 2 persons from the teams of the selected top ten videos will be called to attend the seminar. Business entrepreneurs, tradesmen & market keepers will be invited for exposure. Invited finalists would be given 10 minutes to explain their idea to our panel and the attendants, after their video has been played.  Attendants would be given the address and contact details of industries/people whose work would be highlighted through the video in case they would like to contact them for future association and promoting their goods. Based on the voting obtained from General Public on the website and marks allotted by the Judging panel, three winning videos will be announced at the seminar. Final Decision of Winners Announcement will be based on 50% weightage to people’s voting and 50% weightage to FHRP’s panel (ED & two other entrepreneurs].

Eligible entries will be scored based on the following guidelines:

For the selection for 10 videos:

  • 10 points: Videos submitted by participants aged 18-23
  • 25 points: Overall impact – Videos which are persuasive and informative, highlighting the background information about the concerned handicraft with thorough research and literature review.
  • 25 points: Originality & Creativity
  • 20 points: Those videos which will portray relatively unknown or unrevealed handmade products.
  • 20 points: Technicality (Video quality, video editing, presentation)

For the selection of top 3 videos from the top ten videos:

  • 50 % weightage will be given to online voting
  • 50 % weightage will be given by panel endorsements.
  • For further info please refer to the Phase 2 of Selection Process.
  • Last date of video submission: 2nd July, 2014
  • Announcement of top 10 videos: 14th July, 2014
  • Announcement of top 3 winners & Awards Distribution: 19th September, 2014

1st Prize – 125, 000 PKR

2nd Prize – 100, 000 PKR

3rd Prize – 75, 000 PKR

The top three winners of the competition will arrange a display/exhibition of cultural products of the worker/industry in their own city. Three exhibitions will be conducted, one in each of the winning district’s capital city. At the exhibition, the products of that area, which were focused in the video, will be displayed by the vendors depicted in the video. Different entrepreneurs and dealers of such products will attend the exhibitions. Money generated will be awarded to the skilled workers/industry whose goods received appreciation. FHRP will arrange the venue and the dispatch of goods from rural area to the venue.

FHRP is responsible for the choice and presentation of the facts and opinions in this project which are not necessarily those of UNESCO and do not commit the organization.

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For video submission:
Project Coordinator
Jewels of Cultural Treasures Video Competition
House No. V-11/2, 17th East Street, DHA Phase 1, Karachi

For further queries contact:
Phone: +92-21-35891797   Email: