I would like to appreciate the work that FHRP is doing to mobilize the marginalized community in Pakistan .. - Javaid Iqbal
I am happy to see your new website with awesome User Interface.. ! - Majid Khan
Congratulations on your new website!!! - Imtiaz
FHRP’s “Seminar on need for effective Parliament” was a a very informative event for me and such events should be continued. - Asif


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Join Hands

FHRP believes, every responsible citizen is an asset to the nation. Such individuals have constructive will and passion that can be given a direction to stimulate productive change for the unstable and piteous condition of our homeland.

FHRP already has a pool of 2000 volunteers whom we earned during our project activities. FHRP now wishes to enhance its span of volunteers across Pakistan. You may be an educationist, a doctor, a lawyer, a student or a home maker. If you want to pay your society back all that you were given, we need you!

Leave us your contact details by filling in the form below and we will reach you, when need be! We might use your

First and Last Name *

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City: *

CNIC# (if 18 & above)

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Area of interest (Select as per your ability) *
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Why do you wish to be our volunteer (Mention, what skills/expertise you have; what can you do with regard to the areas we work in i.e. citizens’ empowerment, education and human rights )
(200 words) *

Do you expect to be paid? *
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Should we approach you if we have an internship opportunity? *
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